420 Guide to Beaverton, Oregon

Like a lot of other places throughout the state, Beaverton is a city with a moderate population that is really in touch with the nature that surrounds it. The city is very close in proximity to Portland and shares a lot of the same culture. That even extends to the fabulous approval extended towards cannabis and its sale throughout the city. Still, let’s take a look at some of the best aspects of the city as a whole that will make you want to visit again and again.

Kaleafa Cannabis Company

Often billed as the best place around for you to get your hands on some bud, Kaleafa is a very popular shop. The chief reason that people love coming to this place is that they always have some kind of deal going that will make it cheaper to buy their products. Speaking of their products, Kaleafa is known primarily for their weed sales. You’ll find some really potent weed like Ghost Train Haze alongside beginner strains like Blue Dream. The sheer variety will have you poring over their digital menu in the store.

Like any other worthwhile recreational dispensary, this one also carries a lot of great dabs and edibles that you can peruse. The shop is a cozy place that blends the old-school feel with modern technology like their informative menu screens. With a full complement of budtenders, you’ll never lack for knowledge, either. Overall, this is the place to check out in Beaverton.

Explore the Tualatin Hills Nature Park

The Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a large 222 acre park that is open to the public to bask in the beautiful natural world that resides in Beaverton. There is a total of five miles of trails that you can explore along with a lot of wild hiking areas. You can use the trails for running and hiking, but it is also a great place for botanists and lovers of wildlife to explore. Even though it’s within the city limits, you’ll find this oasis very refreshing if you need to step away from the city life for a little while.

Sneak a Sip at Bootlegger’s Whiskey Bar

Without a doubt, Bootlegger’s Whiskey Bar is the coolest drinking establishment in the city. First and foremost, you have a Prohibition Era theme in the building that gives it an older, more secretive atmosphere. Take some time to admire the artistic main bar while you order some of their famous drinks from their vast selection. As the bar’s name implies, your best bet is going to be some delicious liquor including some well-aged bottles of Glenfiddich and Johnny Walker. You’re bound to have a good time here and you can even grab some small bites to eat.

Italian Dishes are Abound at Decarli Restaurant

If you have a bigger appetite than bar snacks, then Decarli Restaurant is the place for you. This restaurant is known for specializing in Italian food with a modern twist. It can be a bit crowded because of its popularity. However, you’ll see why it is a favorite when you try their Pappardelle or Ricotta Gnocchi, both of which have a twist applied to them by the Decarli chefs. You can also expect to get some great wine pairings and have an overall nice time even though the dining space isn’t the biggest. This is a city after all, so they’re space-conscious.


All in all, Beaverton is another hidden gem in Oregon that has plenty to do and see. Even if the nature trails aren’t your cup of tea, the city is definitely worth visiting for its marijuana culture. There are so many towns like this in Oregon have locally-sourced products and a lot of diversity in what they offer to their buyers. You’ll definitely find something to love when you visit, weed or otherwise.

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