420 Travel Guide to Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is a moderately sized but oft-overlooked city in Oregon that is known for its natural environment and dedication to supporting the arts. In many ways, it is the prototypical Northwestern city, complete with a flourishing marijuana culture. There’s a surprising amount of great ways to enjoy this city, and we’re going to check out a few of them here.

Eugene Oregon City Skyscrape

Take A Look In Green Health Eugene

Located near the downtown section of the city, Green Health Eugene is a great recreational and medical marijuana shop. When we say this is a home style cannabis shop, we mean it. The shop is a converted home, but it is still incredibly professional. Easily the best part about Green Health is the wonderful staff. They offer a personalized budtending service that will provide you with an incredible wealth of knowledge about their products.

Green Health Euegene Medical and Recreational Dispensary - Located In Eugene, Oregon

Speaking of their great products, you can find just about everything you could ever want in the shop. They have a good selection of weed including favorites like Cookies and Cream. Also, you can get extracts, tinctures, and other edibles. Whether it’s your first time buying recreational marijuana or you want a fun buying experience, Green Health Eugene is a great place to go.

Stroll Through Hendricks Park

Since there is so much of an emphasis on the natural surroundings in Eugene, it is only fitting that you can take a stroll through Hendricks Park. This is the oldest city park with 78 acres of space for you to enjoy. People come to the park so that they can jog, hike the trails through the forest, go bird watching, and enjoy picnics. However, another aspect of the park is the famous rhododendron garden which brings in plant-lovers from all over the area. It’s a fun way to enjoy the natural surroundings of the city without going into the middle of nowhere.

Hendricks Park is a great slice of nature where you can take a stroll, enjoy a picnic, or just hang with friends 420 style.

Ta Ra Rin Thai Cuisine

Asian food and culture has a large impact on the west coast of the United States, and Eugene is no exception. Aside from the great cultural integration that has occurred, amazing food has made its way to the city. Ta Ra Rin Thai Cuisine represents amazing Thai food but also the best restaurant experience that Eugene has to offer. The ambiance of the restaurant is very calm and quiet, and the design features a lot of wood which plays off the naturalist feel of Eugene as a whole.

Inside of Ta Ra Rin Thai Cuisine offers a cozy 420 friendly atmosphere.

The food is exceptional, serving everything from noodles and curries to the specialty Tom Yung Kung Yai. The restaurant offers vegetarian dishes and always goes the extra mile for their customers.  

The Food At Ta Ra Rin Thai Cuisine is out of this world.  Be sure to check it out next time you are visiting Eugene, OR.

Have Some Drinks At The Bier Stein

If you’re looking for something different than your usual dark and dim bar scene, this is it. The entire building is well-lit with a full bar and even some billiards tables. The biggest selling point is definitely the beer selection, which has everything from local brews to fancy imports.  Aside from having a lot of beer on tap and a fun atmosphere that includes live events, you can also buy bottles right from their wall of refrigerators.

You will be overwhelmed with the selection of beers to be tasted at The Bier Stein in Eugene.

Their staff works hard to keep you happy and informed as they constantly update their online site to include what’s on tap. All in all, The Bier Stein is something truly special in Eugene.

Eugene is not as popular as Portland, but its name is getting out there a little more thanks to legalization. The marijuana dispensaries in the city are not only numerous, but they are really unique in a lot of ways. Aside from the great cannabis, though, you can count on the city to be a haven for nature lovers. Combined with amazing cultures, food, and drinks, you can have a lot of fun in Eugene.

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