420 Traveler Guide to Everett, Washington

Everett is a fabulous city for you to visit if you are in the Northwest. It’s a moderately sized city without all the crazy population density that you find in places like the East Coast. The local natural wonders and history are impressive, but the cannabis is the real standout for Everett. We’re going to show you where to get the best stuff and what you can do after you’re finished.

Stop by KushMart for Some Great Marijuana

What KushMart lacks in style, it more than makes up for with its superior products and workers. This no-frills shop features daily deals to make your trip less expensive than other places along with partnerships with local growers to keep the prices even lower. You can score up to 20% off on certain products every day of the week.

The shop features the normal run of products like weed, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and gear, but they favor quality over quantity. That’s not to say they don’t have a good variety just that they tend to favor top-class weed like ATF by Sweet Water Farms. Their edibles are really neat, too, with flavors like Bacon and Blue Cheese, which is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect to find in a Northwest weed shop. All in all, this place is definitely the first stop you want to make.

Experience History with Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum

Everett really became known for aviation during and after World War II when the city transformed into a hub for major companies like Boeing. The result is that the city has a rich history of flying, and this museum is the ultimate dedication to that era. When you come to the Flying Heritage & Combat Museum, you can certainly count on being seeing fully restored planes from different eras and nations around the world. Whether you like aviation, general history, or World War II, there is something for you to find and appreciate in this museum.

Try Something New with Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant

Lombardi’s is a little bit of a departure from the fare you get in other parts of Everett which is usually seafood. This restaurant is right on the Everett Marina which gives you a great view of the water. The décor is rustic, giving the entire place a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy. You can try wine pairings with the amazing Italian fare that includes Chicken Marsala, Grilled Salmon, and Neapolitan Styled Pizzas. The place is quiet and roomy, giving you a great experience in eating their food.

Bottoms Up at The Independent Beer Bar

If you’re looking for a place to wash down that Italian food or to cap off the night, this is it. As their name suggests this bar specializes in local and imported beer with 16 taps open and changing with the season. You’re going to find a lot of delicious IPAs, stouts, and lagers that will open your palate up to new things. They also have wine and cider for you to drink if you want some variety. Yet, there are other cool things about The Independent Beer Bar that you’ll love. For example, it’s dog friendly so you can count on meeting some friendly pooches. Also, they have their famous Russian dumplings to snack on while you drink. It’s quirky and fun, so you’ll really enjoy this place and its drinks.

Everett, Washington is a city that has flown under the radar for some time, but people are flocking here to enjoy the weed and continuing growth potential. Like a lot of other cities in the area, you won’t feel boxed in while you’re here, but you will find a lot to explore. Make sure to stop in Everett and fully take advantage of everything from its history to the marijuana culture.

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