A Traveler’s Guide: Marijuana Laws In Colorado

Colorado is known as being a state that opened the floodgate for the legalization of marijuana in more states. As of 2016, the state has finalized many of the laws regarding marijuana possession and purchasing throughout the state. So let’s take a quick look at the marijuana laws for Colorado to ensure that you are always on the right side of the law as a visitor.

What Is The Legal Status Of Marijuana In Colorado?

Quick and simple: Marijuana is legal in most of its forms for people who are 21 years of age or older. This applies both to recreational and medicinal use of marijuana within the boundaries of the state. You are not allowed to travel out of the state with weed as it will violate federal laws.

Where Am I Allowed To Buy Weed?

Unlike some other states, you are allowed to buy marijuana both at dispensaries and retail stores. Since marijuana was legalized for medicinal use ahead of its recreational legalization, there are still dispensaries operating in the state for medicinal. More retail stores are being licensed every year.

What Is The Legal Age To Purchase Weed?

You can legally purchase marijuana and all of its legal derivations once you reach the age of 21 in Colorado. The law applies for visitors as well as individuals who live in the state.

Can I Grow My Own Marijuana At Home?

You are allowed to grow marijuana at home, but there are limits to how much you can grow at a single time. You can cultivate six plants at any given time, but you are only allowed to have three flowering plants at any time. They have to be grown in an enclosed and locked space so that they are not accessible to others.

What Is The Most Marijuana I Can Possess Without Breaking The Law?

You are allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana or any other THC product so long as it meets the stringent requirements of the state for safety. You can have edibles and concentrates under the broad laws of Colorado.

How Much Can I Buy At One Time?

The laws for possession apply to the purchasing process as well for people throughout Colorado. For example, you are only allowed to buy one ounce of marijuana from a licensed shop or dispensary at a given time.

Where Can I Enjoy By Marijuana?

You are allowed to consume marijuana on private property and in the comfort of your own home. There are no public areas that are currently licensed to allow weed to be consumed since they are considered accessible to the public even though they are private venues. To be safe, avoid smoking in public and definitely do not toke on federal lands.

All in all, Colorado is one of the leaders in marijuana legalization for recreational use. However, there are still many rules that visitors must follow if they want to follow the law. This brief look at weed legalization laws should provide you with a solid baseline understanding of these laws and regulations.

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