A Visitor’s Guide To Marijuana Laws In Vermont

Vermont has been a state with a long history of marijuana use, and was a noteworthy state for its approval of medical use in 2004. Now, though, the state has legalized recreational marijuana. Like other states, Vermont is suffering from legal growing pains as it attempts to establish the law. If you visit Vermont, here is what you need to know about marijuana.

What Is Marijuana’s Legal Status in Vermont?

Marijuana is legal both for recreational and medical use in the state of Vermont as long as you are over the age of 21. Yet, that does not mean you can buy and consume as much as you want; there are regulations in place.

Where Can I Legally Buy Marijuana?

There is no legal place in the state for people to purchase marijuana unless they have a medical need. In that case, they have medical dispensaries. Thus, there is no place to purchase recreational marijuana as of yet. However, there will likely be a regulation that allows for weed, plants, and seeds to be given to one another in the future.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy Marijuana?

You are not allowed to buy marijuana in the state, but the possession laws state that any person over the age of 21 is allowed to possess marijuana.

Can I Grow Marijuana At My Home?

Although there is no legal place to buy plants or seeds yet, you are allowed to grow plants at your primary residence. You can cultivate up to 6 plants at any time, with only two of them allowed to be mature at a time. The other four cannot be flowering. If you live in a rental property, then you have to have written consent of the landlord to grow.

How Much Marijuana Can I Purchase At Any One Time?

There is no legal amount of marijuana that you are allowed to purchase at a single time. Moreover, you cannot buy marijuana from another individual. However, the law is unclear on the topic if gifts to another person.

What Is The Legal Limit On Possession?

Like several other states, you are allowed to have one ounce or less without penalty. The law applies to possession on your person; you may have the total amount of your plant’s harvest at home.

Where Can I Use Marijuana?

Tourists have very limited options unless they have a friend in the state because the law only allows consumption in individual dwellings. Public consumption is banned, and of course consumption on federal lands is forbidden by the law. Landlords must make individual provisions for people who reside in their properties and can either ban or allow marijuana usage.

Overall, Vermont is certainly one of the more stringent states with regards to marijuana law. Presently, they have a wide variety of different legal considerations that must be made in the future such as if they will allow direct purchases. For the time being, Vermont’s travellers can have marijuana, but are not allowed to do much with it.

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