Cannabis Friendly Hotels and Activities in Oregon

These days it feels like no matter what road you travel down in Oregon, whether through a city or small country road, you’re never far away from cannabis territory.

The legal weed business is booming, and fast becoming one of their best tourist attractions. Because of this, there are many cannabis friendly hotels in Oregon to choose from.

Do you want to stay on the seaside and have a highly inspired trip on the Oregon coast? There’s a cannabis-friendly hotel for that!

Or are you looking for a home away from home, where you can smoke like you’re at home? Many Oregon Airbnb owners are opening their homes to fellow cannabis connoisseurs.

So here are some things to know, and things to look out for when you’re planning on some cannabis travel in Oregon!

Not all cannabis friendly hotels are created equal.

Your ability to consume cannabis on-site in your Oregon hotel will vary by location.

Some 420 friendly boutique hotels allow outdoor smoking, and some have indoor smoking lounges. There are even some that entice you with elaborate “everything but the weed” packages, including munchies and discounts to some favorite local dispensaries, but they can’t legally allow you to smoke on premises!

So if you want to be able to smoke or vape where you’re staying in Oregon, be sure to check the fine print at your specific cannabis-friendly hotel to see what their rules of consumption are.

Another tip when you’re looking for Cannabis friendly hotels in Oregon, a lot of the larger hotels have rooms that allow smoking in the room or outside on the balcony or patio. Then you can puff while you people watch from the 10th story window.

If you can’t smoke where you stay, remember... there’s always edibles! And you can have up to 16oz on you of cannabis edibles while in Oregon, so eat up.

And take a ride-sharing service, public transport, walk or rent a bike if your travel plans don’t include a DUI!

Speaking of legality, remember: Public cannabis consumption in Oregon is illegal still.

If you have visions of people walking around with bongs in their hands, dancing through the streets and singing through puffs of weed smoke like a scene from Portlandia, that’s a still a dream, my friend.

Public smoking of cannabis is not legal in Oregon, even if you think your vape pen is super discreet. Watch out for this one because you can receive fines and possibly even jail time if you’re caught puffing in public. It is however always legal to consume on private property and in residences. Which brings us to...

Your smoke-filled home away from home

When you’re on your search for cannabis friendly hotels, remember to search Airbnb and vacation home rentals for some comfy cozy options to cocoon yourself in.

Again the rules of smoking & consumption on premises vary, but usually, if it’s listed as cannabis friendly, you’ll be able to smoke on site. If not in the home, often outside or on the porch is ok. Do not smoke in your rental if it says it’s prohibited! There’s always another option, which brings us to...

All the cannabis-friendly fun to be had in Oregon

There are cannabis smoking lounges you can retreat to if you need a spot to duck into for some legal intake for your day’s adventures. You can just search for the one nearest you.

There are glass shops full of the latest artist-made smoking apparatuses, and vape shops to fulfill your battery powered puffing desires.

There are all sorts of different types of dispensaries to choose from, some specialized for females, some with fancy CBD chocolate munchies, and many with highly informed and engaging budtenders behind the counter.

People like talking about weed around here, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions or for recommendations.

For the best overall experience of what cannabis friendly travel in Oregon has to offer, you may even consider taking a 420 tour!

Some nugs of wisdom:

  • You can carry up to an ounce of cannabis in Oregon in public 👍
  • West is best for cannabis friendly travel in Oregon, as cities define their own laws and most cities east of the Cascades have banned recreational sales. 👎
  • Portland, and up and down along the west coast of Oregon, is your green dream come true.

Now off you go, to search for your perfect place to rest your cannabis-loving head in Oregon. Whether you want a quaint bed & breakfast next to a 5000-acre park in Portland, or a hip art motel in Seaside that’s a mile’s walk from the beach, you can find a great cannabis-friendly hotel in Oregon!

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