How To Choose The Right Marijuana Traveling Case

Nobody wants to reek like marijuana when they are traveling.  But what are your options?  Leave your weed at home?  Please.  Ever hear of an odor-proof marijuana travel case?  Well let me tell you, your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

I'm one of those people who loves to travel, but sometimes I travel with people who are not green friendly.  This makes it especially awkward if they can smell it in the car (I'm talking about you, Grandma).  

For many years I tried various tricks I had read about online, like putting your herb in a coffee container, or trying to vacuum seal it in a bag.  These methods were either ineffective, or a complete hassle, I needed to find something better because these methods just weren't working for me.

So I started doing some digging online.  I was looking for something discreet, odor-proof, and easy to access.  A friend recommended something called a marijuana travel case which he claimed were all odor-proof because they're designed for people who travel.  He claimed that he picked one up on Amazon that was so good you could put your nose right up to it and would not be able to smell a thing.

I was skeptical, only because I tried 3 different containers from Amazon that claimed to do the same thing but always left me disappointed (To be fair, I buy dank weed).

So for awhile I forgot all about it and just left the green at home, but I travel regularly for work and really enjoy a couple puffs from my pipe after getting to my destination.

Then one day randomly I was at my computer and started thinking about it again.  I decided to do some more research and read a lot of user reviews over the span of a hour or so.  One name that kept popping up was Canniloq.  But $49.00 for a case?  Seemed pricey.  But wait a minute.  I probably spent twice that by now just trying different products that were not working.

I decided to take the plunge and buy the Canniloq stash jar and have got to say that I am satisfied.  Not only is it 100% odor free, but it is also small and discreet.  Oh, and did I mention it is easy to open and close?  Added bonus points right there!  

In the end it is a personal decision what marijuana travel case you use.  There are many factors to consider like aesthetics, ease of use, odor-proof, and whether is is air tight.  I can only speak for the ones I've tried personally, and the Canniloq has been the best for me.  If masking the smell is your primary concern, you will be surely satisfied, that much I can guarantee.

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