How to Find a 420 Friendly Hotel

Legal cannabis is quickly becoming a reality across the United States as more and more states are deciding to legalize marijuana.  As a result, 420 tourism is quickly gaining in popularity.

However, even in states that have legalized recreational cannabis, not all hotels are 420 friendly.

So, how do you find a 420 friendly hotel and what should you look for when planning a trip to a state with legal recreational cannabis?

420 friendly hotel

Well, the first step, of course, is to choose accommodations in one the nine U.S. states that allow visitors to legally consume cannabis such as Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Main, Massachusetts or, Vermont. But, you should avoid Washington D.C. because, even though weed is technically legal there, it is still illegal for vendors to sell it.

Also, it is probably wise to consider the length of time recreational cannabis consumption has been legal in the state of your choice because the longer a state has had to adjust to the idea of recreational cannabis tourism, the more likely you are to find 420 friendly hotels.

To see a ranking of the most weed-friendly cities around the globe, try visiting checking out the article on our site: Top 420 Cities In North America.

So how do you go about finding a 420 friendly hotel?  Well, the answer these days is to do a bit of online research.  Websites like can help, but it is important to keep in mind that most mainstream hotels will not allow their guests to smoke in their rooms and they levy large fines for anyone caught doing so.

Thus, you should look for hotels that advertise “full combustion permitted” and make sure smoking is permitted in the room you are booking.

However, an even better solution is to check out the 420 friendly hotels on our site that we review regularly.

Also, although they are not technically “hotels,” a popular new trend in states that allow legal cannabis consumption are bud-and-breakfasts where the atmosphere is much more intimate, and the proprietor is well aware of and willing to accommodate, their guest’s cannabis consumption inclinations.

So, now that we have covered how to find 420 friendly hotels, the next question is what to look for when choosing a 420 friendly hotel?

One wise idea is looking for a 420 friendly hotel with rooms that have balconies. That way, whenever you feel the urge to catch a buzz, you can just step outside without forcing security to climb all of those stairs.

Besides, although all true potheads appreciate the look, smell, and taste of a colorful and well-manicured bud, whenever a person is smoking pot in its natural form, everyone in the near vicinity is aware of it! Therefore, a far more stealthy way to consume cannabis is to inhale cannabis oil using a vaporizer or, to eat cannabis-infused edibles.

Also, you should also check to see if your hotel of choice is hosting any cannabis related events while you are in town and/or whether or not they know of any such events in the vicinity and/or cannabis tours that you can join.

You should also ask if they have a shuttle service available because you definitely don’t want to kill your buzz by driving yourself around while attempting to navigate in an unfamiliar city.

Then, there is the issue of curing those insatiable cases of the munchies!

You might also want to look for a hotel that has an in-house restaurant that caters to cannabis users allowing them to order food well after all of the mainstream restaurants have closed for the evening.  

So, when planning your cannabis vacation, it is important to carefully research the various hotels in your chosen city or town to make sure that they are cannabis friendly.  Also, keep notes on what marijuana-related amenities they offer and what their rules are for consuming cannabis on the premises. That way, you can avoid any embarrassment while consuming cannabis on your next vacation. 

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