Laws And Regulations For Marijuana Legalization In British Columbia

Marijuana legalization is coming to British Columbia as well as the rest of Canada. You might think that you will be able to light up as soon as the clocks strikes midnight on October 17, 2018, but that is not the case. You need to be very aware of the different laws and regulations that have been established for the purposes of legalization.

What Is The Legal Status Of Marijuana In British Columbia?

Right now, recreational use of marijuana is not allowed but you can have a medical allowance. Even so, the province is definitely one of the friendlier ones when it comes to cannabis use. That does not matter on October 17, 2018, though, when recreational marijuana becomes legal for the province.

Where Are We Allowed Buy Marijuana?

You will be able to buy marijuana from government-run and privately owned marijuana retail stores. Both of these groups will also be able to have online sales for marijuana.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Marijuana?

You need to be 19 or older in order to purchase and use marijuana. This is one year older than the age needed to purchase alcohol. The age is a firm limit and is highly unlikely to change.    

Can I Grow My Own Supply At Home?

Much like the other provinces, you are allowed to grow up to four plants at your home at any time. They have to be grown out of the public site, so you need to have a fence if it is grown outside. If it is grown inside, then you need to have it in a room that is inaccessible to minors.

How Much Can I Buy At One Time?

Anyone who meets the age requirement will be allowed to buy up to 30 grams of marijuana on them at any time. This can be marijuana in the form of dried cannabis or oils. This is related to the limit of possession that is in place for people living in British Columbia.

What Is The Possession Limit For Marijuana In British Columbia?

Right now, you will be allowed to have upwards of 30 grams of marijuana in your possession at any time. This is either cannabis in the dry variety or the equivalent in cannabis oils. Overall, there is no limit on the amount of marijuana that you can keep in your own home at this point in time.

Where Are You Allowed To Smoke Or Use Marijuana Products?

You can smoke anywhere that tobacco is allowed with many caveats. You cannot smoke in your car, near children, or any place where children. You can’t smoke near any schools or in a lot of public places like near restaurants.

All in all, there are a lot of laws that are in place for marijuana legalization in British Columbia. As long as you are aware of the basic laws that are currently in place, you have a good chance of not having any problems when you enjoy your weed.

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