Laws and Regulations For New Brunswick Marijuana Legalization

For those who are living in or visiting the province of New Brunswick, you may know that the area is legalizing marijuana. As of October 17, 2018, New Brunswick will have legalized marijuana even though the province is struggling to put the finishing touches on legislation. Here we will take a look at the current plans for marijuana legalization laws and regulations.

What Is The Legal Status Of Marijuana In New Brunswick?

Presently, the legal status of marijuana is that it is restricted to medical use. Yet, the legal status is going to chance as of October 17, 2018 when it will receive full legalization. At that point, marijuana will be allowed to be purchased and kept with some restrictions on it.

Where Will We Be Allowed To Buy Marijuana Once It Is Legal?

The approach that New Brunswick is taking with marijuana is to have it sold by government operated stores throughout the region. There is also going to be an online market from which you can buy marijuana. They will sell dry cannabis, oils, and seeds to those who meet the age requirements.

What Is The Age Requirement For Buying And Using Marijuana?

Like many other areas in Canada, the legal age requirement for buying and possession of marijuana is set to be 19 years of age. Anyone under 19 is not allowed to buy, possess, or enter into areas where cannabis is going to be sold.

Can I Grow Marijuana In My Own Residence?

Although it is causing a lot of legal problems for enforcement, New Brunswick has buckled and agreed to allow individuals to have four plants per household. This is provided that they are behind an enclosure that is at least 1.52 meters in height.

How Much Marijuana Can I Buy In One Transaction?

Again, New Brunswick has generally followed the other provinces in setting the legal amount for purchase as the same amount that a person can legally carry. In this instance, you can buy up to 30 grams of marijuana or the equivalent from a retail store.

What Is The Legal Amount Allowed For Possession?

When you are outside of your home, you are allowed to carry 30 grams or the equivalent of 30 grams with regards to other forms of marijuana. This includes oils that are used for vapes. However, you are allowed to possess as much marijuana at home as you would like for personal use only.

Where Can I Smoke Or Consume Marijuana Legally?

You are allowed to smoke and consume marijuana in your private residence or on private property. Landlords can refuse cultivation and smoking in the homes that they own. There seems to be little discussion or chance that there will be an allowance to have designated smoking areas in the future.


While there are some elements of the laws for New Brunswick that are a little stricter, the province is still working hard to create good marijuana laws. Overall, October is coming and whether or not all the details are in place, you will be able to buy cannabis come the 17th.

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