Manitoba’s Laws And Regulations For Marijuana Legalization

The Province of Manitoba is gearing up for marijuana legalization that is set to occur on October 17, 2018. Although the use of recreational marijuana has most people excited, there are still some portions of the law about which everyone needs to be aware. This article will take a brief look at some of the issues surrounding legalization that are helpful to understand.

What Is The Legal Status For Marijuana In Manitoba?

The legal status for marijuana in the present day is that it is legal for medical uses. Yet, as you know, the recreational legalization is going to occur in October, so recreational cannabis use will be legal. You can have access to dry cannabis as well as oils.

Where Are We Going To Buy Marijuana When It Is Made Legal?

There are going to be two methods that you can use to purchase marijuana. The first method is buying marijuana online like some other provinces have done. The second means that you can use to buy marijuana is at the privately owned store fronts that are being developed in time for the legalization.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Or Possess Marijuana?

Right now, you will need to be one year above the age of alcohol usage. Thus, you have to be 19 to use marijuana in Manitoba.

Can I Grow Marijuana At My Own House?

Unlike most of the other provinces that are going through legalization right now, you are not allowed to grow your own marijuana at all. There is a push to be able to do so in the future, though, so watch for any changes to the laws after legalization occurs.

How Much Can I Buy At One Time?

You are allowed to carry up to 30 grams on you at any time, and the going legal precedent allows for the maximum purchase to equal the carry amount. Thus, you can buy 30 grams of marijuana at any time and the equivalent of cannabis oil.

What Is The Legal Carrying Limit For Marijuana?

The legal carrying limit for marijuana is 30 grams of marijuana. There is a limit of 150 grams for the home of an individual. Thus, you cannot stockpile years and years’ worth of marijuana in your home.

Where Can I Use The Marijuana That I Legally Obtain?

After you get the marijuana, you cannot just toke up on the spot. You are only allowed to use marijuana in private residences and nowhere else. There is some debate as to whether it will be allowed to be used in public establishments which favor marijuana, but right now it is limited to your individual home.


Although many of the laws in Manitoba reflect those of nearby provinces, keep in mind that you are not allowed to grow marijuana under any circumstances. Aside from the limitations that have been discussed, there is a loophole that has yet to be closed that allows for the individual production of edibles at home. Keep in mind that this could become rendered illegal once legalization comes into full effect.

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