Marijuana Laws And Regulations In Alaska

Recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska, but it is still important to know all the laws and their specific caveats that surround the issue. After all, there are limitations on places where you can smoke, how much you can carry, and where are you able to legally buy weed. Here we will take a closer look at the issue of legalized marijuana in Alaska and give you a run-down of what you need to know.

What Is The Legal Status Of Weed?

Basically, marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational use in the state of Alaska. The legal status of weed in Alaska followed a successful 2014 ballot measure to decriminalize marijuana.

Where Are Legal Places To Purchase Marijuana In Alaska?

Presently, you are able to buy marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries that are open throughout the state. However, there is a significant push to open retail stores that are not connected to medical marijuana suppliers in the future.

Can I Grow Marijuana At Home?

In short, yes, you can grow marijuana at home as long as you meet the proper criteria. For example, you need to be over the age of 21 to grow plants at home. Legally, you are allowed to grow up to six plants at any given time, but only three of them are allowed to be mature and flowering. You may also grow and give away up to six plants to legal adults without receiving any monetary compensation for them.

Do Stores Limit How Much Marijuana I Can Buy?

The laws on purchasing are a little different from other state, so it is important to pay attention to this one. Essentially, there is presently no limit on how much weed you can buy. However, there are limits on possession that disallow carrying over an ounce at a time. Thus, you can buy as much weed as you would like, but stores will only sell you one ounce at a time.

How Much Weed Can I Possess At A Time?

From a legal standpoint, you can carry up to one ounce of weed on you at a time. If you possess any more than an ounce it can result in a fine.

Where Can I Consume Marijuana?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking that they can consume their purchase any place that they would like. That is not the case in Alaska. You can consume marijuana on private property and outside of the view of the general public, which is a portion of the law that is being scrutinized. Also, you can consume marijuana in legalized cannabis cafes, which are gaining traction throughout the state.

There are many things to consider with regards to the legal aspects of marijuana. These basic facts will help you understand the most often asked questions about marijuana in Alaska. By following each of these guidelines you will not run afoul of the law while still able to enjoy your weed, dabs, and vapes to your heart’s content.

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