Marijuana Laws and Regulations in Newfoundland

As those following the issue already know, marijuana is set to become legal throughout Newfoundland and Labrador on 17 October, 2018. However, that does not mean there is going to be a sudden free-for-all when it comes to getting high. Although N.L. has been less than stringent on weed in the past, there are still rules you need to know for the coming legalization.

What Is The Legal Status Of Marijuana In Newfoundland?

So as not to leave any doubt, marijuana will be legal as of 17 October, 2018. Until then, all the former rules regarding legalization are in place, but mostly relaxed. Still, it is legal for medical purposes at the present time, and will remain this way in the future.

Where Can I Legally Buy Marijuana?

There are going to be two models for purchasing marijuana in N.L. The first is the medical marijuana dispensaries that are presently operating throughout the province. The second model is going to involve granting licenses to retail operations. These tiered licenses are going to allow certain stores to sell marijuana while enforcing stringent regulations on which stores are allowed to participate.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy Some Marijuana?

The legal age to buy marijuana in Newfoundland and Labrador is going to be 19 years of age. This has been met with some friction for people arguing for a lower and higher age, alike. However, people under 19 cannot buy, possess, or enter the premises of a place that sells marijuana.

Can I Grow Marijuana At Home?

You are allowed to have marijuana growing at your home, but only up to four plants per household according to current restrictions.

How Much Can I Purchase At One Time?

Presently, the plan is to allow people to purchase up to the maximum that you are allowed to carry in public, which is 30 grams of marijuana. However, it is still unclear as to what the province plans to do with regards to the amount of cannabis oil that a person is able to buy. In fact, N.L. is one of the provinces that have yet to outline an exact policy for oils.

What Is The Legal Limit On Possession?

The legal limit on possession at this point in time is going to be 30 grams per person in public. It has to be stored in a proper container. Moreover, you can have four plants at home that are flowering at any time.

Where Can I Use My Marijuana?

You are only allowed to use marijuana at your home or at the home of someone you know. It is forbidden in public to reduce the detrimental impacts on people according to the law.

 Overall, Newfoundland and Labrador have established laws that are fairly consistent with other provinces and even other countries with regards to legalization. The government still has to hash out some details, but that will take time beyond the legalization date. Keep an eye out for updated information as it comes in.

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