Marijuana Laws In Washington State: A Brief Traveller’s Guide

The State of Washington, not to be confused with Washington D.C., is one of the states where you are legally allowed to possess marijuana. As a result, the state has become somewhat of a tourist destination as more people want to try legalized weed. Yet, there are some caveats to the law that you must be aware of when you come to visit this state.

Legal Status

Both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Washington as long as you are over the age of 21. That does not mean you are allowed to light up as you are walking down the street, though. There are many legal considerations in place.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana In Washington State?

You are allowed to buy marijuana from recreational shops as well as dispensaries that have shifted their sales to support both medical and recreational marijuana. These stores are regulated by the Liquor Board of Washington, so expect many of the laws to reflect that.

How Old Must I Be To Buy Marijuana?

A prime example of the consideration of marijuana as being analogous to alcohol can be found in the legal age being 21 for people to purchase marijuana. There are some provisions in this state for younger individuals to buy it for medical reasons, though.

Can I Grow Marijuana At My Own House?

You are not allowed to grow marijuana in any private residence within Washington State. In fact, the only people who are allowed to grow marijuana are the individuals at licensed growing facilities. Dispensaries and all other sellers have to get their products through the legal growers as well.

How Much Marijuana Can I Purchase At One Time?

As long as you meet the age limit of 21, you are allowed to purchase 1 ounce of usable bud, 16 ounces of marijuana edibles and up to 7 grams of other concentrates.

What Is The Possession Limit On Marijuana?

The limit for possession mirrors that of the purchase limit that was previously discussed. You can have 1 ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of edible infused products, and 7 grams of other concentrates, such as dabs, on your person at a given time. You will also not be prosecuted for the possession of paraphernalia related to marijuana.

Where Can I Use Marijuana?

You are not allowed to use marijuana in public or in any federal park or lands. You are allowed to smoke in your home and the homes of friends. There are some hotels and clubs that do allow the use of marijuana, but you want to get permission before you light up. There is the possibility that the state will allow the development of marijuana clubs not related to the medical industry.

Washington is a state that has a rather open-handed approach to marijuana with the exception of the rules governing the growth of marijuana at your own home. Still, there are many ways that you can legally obtain marijuana in the state. If you decide to travel here, you will join many others who use this state for legal tourism.

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