Marijuana Tourism In California: San Francisco and Los Angeles

As someone who has lived in California for a while, I figured it was high time for me to visit some of the havens for weed throughout the state. I know that California marijuana tourism has really started to take off in the last few months now that it is legal in most places. So, I decided to head to SoCal to test the waters and see what fun I can have.

First Stop: San Francisco

port of san francisco 420

I have always loved San Francisco- there’s just something amazing about the bays and the way that the downtown area is laid out that I have always found fascinating. So, I took a bus into San Fran and got off in the north east of the city. The first thing I did was breathe in that fresh sea salt air and I decided that it was time for me to head out in search of some good weed.

The dispensaries in San Francisco are pretty common up in the Mission Bay section of the city, so I ended up at a cool place called The Apothecarium. When you first walk in, it’s almost like you went to a really modern restaurant. There are a lot of black shelves, some vaguely hipster-looking dudes manning the counters, and a lot of places to just sit and hang out.


I had nothing on me in terms of papers, grinders or baggies, so I bought a pre-roll pack and some hybrid by the name of Coyote Blue, which not only looked cool but smelled great. I probably bugged the hell out of the guys at the counter, but I asked about all kinds of weed that they had and about the scene in general. They were nice enough to answer all my questions and I really learned a lot.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I left the shop and walked a little while to my first great attraction: AT&T Stadium to catch a Giants game. I love baseball, and I love the fact that there are a dozen places to duck in and smoke up real quick before the game. I might have reeked by the time I took my seat, but let me tell you I was in good company. Baseball is a game of waiting, so I was pretty relaxed throughout the whole game.

The game was great, the fans were fun, and every so often you would catch a whiff of a smoke cloud telling you that someone somewhere lit up in the park. I got some good ballpark food too. You can’t go wrong with a hotdog and nachos at the ballpark.

san fransisco giants game 420

The Golden Gate Bridge

The next day, I had to visit one of the most important landmarks in the city, the Golden Gate Bridge. I took a few buses to get there, but it was worth the wait. I found a little place called Warming Hut Bookstore and Café, and stopped in there for lunch. They had some decent sandwiches to buy and information about the surrounding park.

I ate my sandwich and began to explore the path leading up to the bridge. I have to admit, the walk to the bridge was definitely longer than I thought it would be, even just going up to Fort Point. Still, I took a couple breaks and may or may not have snuck in a couple puffs to keep me going.

marijuana tourism san fransisco 420

It was definitely worth the long hike out to the best vantage point to see the Golden Gate Bridge because it is one of the few places I have ever travelled that looks like it does on a post card. I snapped pictures like the tourist I am and marveled at the whole thing,

The walk back was not nearly as fun as the walk out there because there was nothing to look forward to but some rest from all the walking and the next leg of my trip. I boarded the bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles with the goal of coming back and doing more in San Francisco. There are many other sites I want to see in the city, but I had really geared up for Los Angeles this time around.

Yo Homes To Bel Air! (Or A Random Bus Stop, Whatever Works)

The “smell ya later” phrase was never as relevant as I got off the bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles after about six hours. I had planned to sleep through most of the trip, but I kept waking up to see if we were there yet. I took a cab from the grossest bus depot in California to my hotel and set myself up for the next few days.

marijuana tourism los angeles 420

To make matters worse, somewhere along the line I had managed to all the starter kit that I had gotten from San Francisco. Not only did that absolutely suck because that was like a souvenir to me, but I needed to find some more papers.

I went into The Green Easy with the intentions of getting some papers, a grinder, and maybe a small pipe as a new souvenir, but I left with all that plus some edible gummies. Since I realized that I was supposed to be having a good time and not be aggravated by the travel, I ate one of the gummies on the spot. The good times definitely followed.

Am I On A Hollywood Tour?

There is a lot of stuff to do in L.A. You could be there for weeks and still not have done enough. So I decided that I needed to make the most of the next three days. I feel like it is almost a rite of passage to go and see the Hollywood sign, so I journeyed up north. I got to see the famous Hollywood Sign and then I got lucky and fell in with a group of fellow movie fanatics who wanted to go on a tour of the massive Warner Bros. Studio.

marijuana tourism hollywood 420

The experience of being led through the famous studios and their sound stages was surreal. We got to see different sets from Batman and “Friends”, and it was absolutely amazing. I got to see different buildings where they shot parts of my favorite movies and I met some friends that I plan on visiting when I go back down there. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and told us these stories about which movie stars got caught doing crazy things on set. So, I figured if a movie star can get away with doing some wild stuff, then chowing down on an edible was pretty tame by comparison.

Food and Friends

After the tour, I was absolutely famished, so my new friends and I piled into a couple of cabs and went to the best food in L.A.- In-N-Out Burger. Okay, that may be an overstatement but having my burgers and fries smothered in Russian dressing was nothing short of incredible. I made a complete pig of myself, but I everything I ate just tasted better with some of those gummies in me.

los angeles in n out burger 420

It was getting late in the day and we needed something to wash down the food, so we found Howl at the Moon Hollywood. We walked in during the middle of a show where two pianists battle each other on a song. I was absolutely awestruck, but then my attention shifted to a guy standing next to me with an actual bucket of alcoholic slushy.

It was so cool that I almost shed a tear. I went and ordered a bucket of slush to share with my friends and we talked about how we had each ended up in L.A. The music in the bar was a lot of fun to listen to and I found out that they have all kinds of themed nights. Living up to a stereotype, we all went outside the bar to roll and smoke up some weed to close out the night.

I spent the next two days in L.A. seeing the sites, meeting new people, and watched some soccer in packed sports bars. There was so much to this experience that was great, and I definitely see why people go to L.A. just for a couple days here and there.

A Few Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a fantastic time in San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco is definitely more low key and the people there are very chill. Los Angeles was more of a party city for me, and the Hollywood lifestyle is certainly contagious.

There is a ton to do in both cities, and I can’t wait to go back. Like I said earlier, I can see why California marijuana tourism is taking off in such a huge way. You have cities like these with a great culture and a lot to do, and you tell the people they can do it while high. That is a match made in heaven if I’ve ever heard of one, and I encourage everyone to give it a shot if they can.

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