Marijuana Tourism In Colorado: My 420-Friendly Tour Of Denver

I laughed the first time that I heard about the topic of marijuana tourism in Colorado here in the United States. After all, people have been going to the Netherlands for decades just to escape some of the overbearing laws in America. Suddenly, I was able to go just across the state line to Colorado and smoke weed. 

While just smoking is fun, I was talking to friends that shared my same interests, and we agreed that marijuana travel to Colorado, trips built with weed in mind, would be worth doing. So, naturally, I took an extra-long weekend and decided that it was time to check out everything that Colorado had to offer.

First Stop- Denver Airport


I can't even tell you how much fun I had on this trip, but I can tell you that as soon as I went outside to get a ride to my hotel, I smelled some kind of Sativa that I never had before. Naturally, I was excited. I got to my hotel with my friends, packed our stuff away, and hit the road ready to see what the city had to offer us.

Dispensaries Abound

Marijuana tourism in Colorado is abounding, and the fact of the matter is that you will have a ton of opportunities to buy weed all over within the city. Some of the dispensaries are gimmicky and easy to spot with neon signs and logos. Others are harder to find. I'm not saying that you are going to find legal weed as often as a coffee shop, but it's getting there from what I could see in Denver.

Tour Guides For Weed

I consider myself in a loving relationship with weed, but the people I met doing the tours had so much more passion than I think I ever could. Just while walking in downtown Denver, we were offered flyers that had the professional title "Marijuana Tours Colorado." While we were half-expecting to get toured around by a guy in a suit talking about history, we ended up going on the equivalent of a bar crawl for weed.

The company we found was called My 420 Tours, and the first thing we did was take their walking tour of local graffiti and art. Basically, you visit a dispensary before you start walking, so you definitely feel a lot more interested in what the tour guide is saying than usual. It was a cool introduction to the city's culture that was made even better by the buzz. It was a fair amount of walking, though, so bring comfortable shoes.

While we were talking to the guides, I wanted to know how we can go check out some of the legal operations, the grow farms and the stores. At the very least that would be something that I had not seen before. As you know it, the company offers trips just like that. I won't lie, it only cost a little money, and it was even better than the first tour.

The Weed Limo Bus


Read that title again: weed limo bus. It was awesome. Apparently, when you do marijuana travel in Colorado, you can get a 420-friendly limo bus to pick you and your friends up and take you from farms to dispensaries, teaching you all about their operations. We all met at the company headquarters and got on the bus. The passengers all passed around a little bit of what they had bought during their time in Denver, and we were ready for the tour to start.

We got off the limo bus at the cannabis production center, and we were taken around by people from the tour group. We were introduced to growers, operators, and then we were shown all the ins and outs of weed production. It was very cool to see how the seedlings become what we all know and love in a professional environment.

After the tour portion, we boarded the bus again and went right to a dispensary supplied by that production center. At the dispensary, we got the VIP treatment- we got to see how they package and prepare the weed for sale by taking a behind-the-scenes look at the dispensary operation.

At the end of the tour, we were able to buy from the high-end dispensary, which was really cool because they had a weed sommelier- the person who helps match you to the best bud for the situation. In my case, I wanted something super mellow, so the guy paired me with a nice sativa.

Going Out To Eat

cannabis infused dinner party in Denver, Colorado

A lot of people that I know are big fans of edibles, though I prefer to smoke or vaporize depending on the day. Still, this trip was all about trying new things. During my marijuana travel in Colorado, I decided that I should make more of an effort to enjoy edibles.

Fortunately, Denver is a haven for weed enthusiasts of all types, and we were able to find a shop that completely combined my love for cooking food and cannabis into one class. The "Intro to Cooking with Cannabis" class was offered by another company that catered to people vacationing for the sake of weed.

This was a three-hour class that covered everything from appetizers to desserts, teaching us how to implement weed in our everyday dishes. I ended up making steak as my main course, with a nice indica garnish. The dessert portion, my favorite, taught basic edibles like brownies to more complicated things like candies.

Overall, the cooking class was incredible because it allowed you to actually use weed while you cooked instead of just learning about it from someone else. The openness of the environment was utterly magnificent, and there is nothing like it in my hometown for sure. Denver is not only great because weed is legal, but it has a vibrant 420 culture to support the businesses and tours.

The Pottery Course


My friends and I decided to get a little silly just to see the depth of the options for infusing weed into everyday life that was present in Colorado. Naturally, we ended up wanting to make our own usable art. While we did not take the chance to learn glassblowing, we did get as far as making our very own usable ashtrays by attending a pottery class that is more than 420 friendly. It did seem a lot safer to use clay than molten glass while we were finishing off the last of our edibles.
So we ended up attending the class and learning about the different ways to make pottery while enjoying pot. My attempt at an ashtray was abysmal since I have never been much of an artist, but my friends were able to make some very interesting pieces of their own. The shop is excellent, though, because they offer to put your pottery through the firing process and ship it to you as long as you are willing to pay the cost. For me, I didn't even bother to get mine sent home, but my friends now have lasting memories of the trip.

Stuff I Want To Try Next Time

Looking back on my weekend vacation, I did manage to get a lot of things done. I probably visited a dozen different dispensaries, took tours, and even took a class. All in all, it was incredibly fun and packed end to end with things to do. Still, the bottom line is that I barely scratched the surface of the things that you can do in Denver.

I did manage to make a list of other ways you can enjoy marijuana tourism in Colorado while I was contemplating the different things that I would still like to do when I go back (and I will go back soon.).
Glass Blowing: Full disclosure, the idea of making my own bong sounded great, but again I was worried about molten glass while being high. Next time, I won't be so worried, though.

Sushi Rolling and Weed Rolling: this is one of the classes offered through the same company as the cooking class. Here they teach you how to roll sushi and how to roll a joint better than you knew before.

Massage Therapy: This one I heard about through friends, but it seems like a great idea. You get a buzz on, and then you get massaged by skilled masseuses. There is nothing I do not like about that idea, and it seems even better after going on a walking tour.

Overall, weed tourism in Colorado is absolutely stunning and pretty inexpensive when you consider the cost of an ordinary vacation that does not even allow you to smoke, eat, or vape. While I went to Denver because it was easy for me to get to, you can go to other places in Colorado and enjoy a lot of the same attractions.

While I did not get to do everything in one trip, I am already planning my next journey to Denver to do even more things that I have not tried. So if you are looking for a fun and 420-friendly trip, hop on a flight or get in your car and head for Colorado.

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