Marijuana Tourism Oregon: Taking In The Sights At Portland

Portland has been a hub for marijuana tourism in Oregon for as long as I can remember. Now that it is legalized and not just decriminalized, I figured it was time to hit the road and head up the west coast of the USA to see the historic city in all its glory. It was a great trip that started a little rockier than usual with me landing at Portland International Airport.

portland international airport

Flying The Unfriendly Skies

Alright, so my nerves were completely shot by the time I landed at the airport because of two reasons. First, it was night time and I had a window seat. Second, we were trying to land after hitting some major turbulence and I had an irrational fear that we would end up slamming into the forest close to Mt. Hood. It was completely stupid given the distance, but that mountain looks pretty big even from Portland.

Grabbing A Late Night Snack 

Alright, so there I was with my luggage and a burning desire to get something to calm my nerves. It was too late to hit a dispensary, but I managed to get my taxi driver to take me to what he thought was the best food place in the city.

He ended up dropping me off at this place called Huber's and told me that the food is second to none.

Sadly, I was not able to get my hand on any weed because it was so late at night, but I was still hungry, thirsty, and antsy when I walked into the place. It was just after 11p.m. and the place was pretty much dead. I ordered two shots, a beer, and asked the guy sitting a few stools down for a good food recommendation.

huber's portland oregon 420

Normally, you get someone saying “try the nachos or the steak sandwich”, but this guy looked at me through familiar glazed eyes and said: “You gotta have the turkey, brother.”

Alright, so I cracked up, but I did end up putting in an order for a turkey dinner just to see the bartender’s reaction. He said “alright” like it was no big deal. He came back in fifteen minutes with the best turkey dinner I’ve had except for the Thanksgiving when I first tried hash oil in a vape pen.

As it turns out, this place is famous both for its food and for being founded in 1879. The guy who recommended the food might have been there when Huber’s was founded based on his age, but I bought him a beer for the help. I was filled, a little tipsy, and I had already managed to visit a landmark all in one night. I got to the hotel, checked in nice and late, and plotted my next day.

Picking Up A Few Supplies

I woke up the next morning ready to go out and visit the city. By that, I mean I was ready to go sample some good weed products and take in some sights around the city. Luckily, I did some research on this front when I was trying not to worry about the roof peeling off the plane in mid-air.

I got in a cab and went straight for downtown Portland. I opened the door to Farma and I was really surprised at how clean and clinical the place appeared.

farma dispensary portland oregon 420

They had a great variety of loose weed which is always the thing I go for first when I get to a new city. I was thrilled when I saw that they had Animal Cookies, a potent strain that always relaxes me in the best way possible. I saved that for the return trip on the plane just in case. I also got some mild Colorado Sunshine which was determined to enjoy while I waited on the next cab. I had another visit to make.

Serra Dispensary Downtown was my next destination because it was both highly rated and recommended by friends who had just returned from Portland. Again, this is a really clean cut place with an exterior that looked like it was a really old storefront.

serra dispensary portland oregon


They had some really awesome vape pen setups that made me really jealous of my own. I bought a new vape there but figured I would keep it clear so I didn’t run afoul of any TSA agents on the way home. I did buy some really delicious gourmet edibles. Seriously, it looked like a candy bar that you would get in any other store. So, I paid and walked out of the store and went straight to my first destination.

International Rose Test Garden

Alright, if you can’t tell by now, it turns out I am a big fan of plant life. Seriously, though, I am. Aside from Portland’s incredible abundance of music and weed, they have a pretty unique climate and soil that is just the right combination for roses to grow. Naturally, I had to go to the famous rose gardens in Portland just to see for myself.

international rose test garden portland oregon

The rose gardens are incredible but tiring. They have 10,000 rose bushes and a couple hundred different varieties of roses that are sprawling across the grounds of the rose garden. The place is massive and it was pretty hot the day I was there. So, I started exploring the rose garden and I remembered that not only did I have a fair amount of weed still on me, I also had edibles. These were edibles that I paid good money to buy and were going to melt unless I took drastic measures.

Remember when you pulled gum out in class when you were a kid and suddenly you met a bunch of new friends that you never met before? My chocolate edible was like that and I was more than willing to share. I gave chunks of half-melted edible to a bunch of people in the same tour group as me, people who were definitely as old as my parents. Don’t worry, they all knew what they were getting into. Needless to say, the roses became even more interesting to all of us for the three hours we wandered the gardens. To say that the gardens were beautiful is an understatement to end all understatements. You can’t even wrap you head around the sheer number of roses, all their colors, and the layouts that they have in there. Despite the heat and the long walk, I felt really close to nature, got to see amazing sites, and met some really cool friends.

Getting Some Refreshments

So I was hot, thirsty, tired, and higher than I had any right to be at that point. I decided to get something to level out with a few drinks. So I walked most of the way to Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House before catching a bus for the last few blocks.

deschutes brewery portland oregon

The brewery has a cool aesthetic like it was built in an auto garage or something. I tried a lot of great beers like their Obsidian Stout and Black Butte Porter. Between beers, I talked with the managers and bartenders about their process and found out a lot that I did not know about brewing. They were very friendly and open about their work and it was really cool to see that kind of passion out there. I was tempted to take a tour of the brewery while I was there, but I think the rest did me some good.

The OMSI: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

The next day, I went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, a famous science center that has all kinds of crazy attractions that I loved. However, the thing I wanted to see the most was their planetarium. I was still feeling some of the after effects of smoking the night before, so the Dark Universe show was absolutely incredible to me.

omsi planetarium portland oregon 420

They show you all kinds of things about dark matter and dark energy, pretty unusual forces that give you a little bit of extra perspective about living on Earth. The whole thing was narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, so it was really relaxing and informative. It lasted two hours and had the best visual effects that I had ever seen in a planetarium. Basically, I came away from the experience in the planetarium astounded and confused a little by the science behind everything. Overall, though, there was more to do in the OMSI than I could fit in a single day, which just made me mentally sign up for another visit.

On The Road Again

All good things come to an end, but I felt like I had managed to see some pretty cool sights while experiencing great food and even better weed. I tried some Animal Cookies before I got to the airport, and I slept through what I assume was a very peaceful flight.

I can definitely see why marijuana tourism in Oregon is absolutely booming because of the presence of great dispensaries and attractions in the city that complement them. I feel like I only saw a very small portion of what the city has to offer, so I will definitely book another trip there soon.  I hope to catch some sports games, get gourmet coffee, and explore some of the wild areas outside of Portland. All in all, the trip started out with me clutching my seat on arrival and ended with me clutching my plane ticket deciding if I should exchange it and stay a few more nights.

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