Marijuana Tourism: Seattle Done Right

seattle 420 public market center

Seattle has always been a destination on my list of vacations that I want to take, and I finally got the chance. While I did not plan the trip for marijuana tourism in Seattle, I’d be lying if it wasn’t a good reason to go. Not only is it a great place because it has cool sights to see and a lot of interesting neighborhoods, but it is also situated in a legalized state.  For me, there was never a better time to go and visit the city.

I started my trip at the beginning of the week, and I landed on a mostly sunny day. I took that as a sign that the week was going to be awesome. After a couple hours, I found myself standing outside of my hotel with the entire city just waiting for fun.

Picking Up Important Supplies

Alright, so I did a little bit of research before I landed just to make sure that I knew what to expect. A lot of cities that do have legal weed make you buy them from certain dispensaries that are tied to the state in some way. The whole process of growing, preparing, and selling weed is controlled behind the scenes.

Things in Seattle are a lot more laid back. So instead of dispensaries, they have awesome retail stores that are able to create their own themes and bring in customers using their own advertising. I found a couple that looked promising and went shopping.

Stop 1: Dockside

The first shop I ended up at was called Dockside, a nifty place in SoDo that has pretty simple rules: bring an ID and be over 21. Simple enough, right?  Well, I was completely overwhelmed with the choices that this place had. I wanted to just pick up some weed for the week, but I went shopping for a couple hours and asked more questions than I ever thought possible.

seattle sodo dockside 420

By the time I was done, I had picked up some really good stuff. I got an Indica called Ewok and another called WiFi. I also picked up a cool hybrid called Candyland, which was developed right in Seattle. I was dumbfounded at the amount of different types they had available, and it was even cooler just knowing that so much of the weed was developed in and around Seattle.

Even though I had gotten some pretty good bud, I wanted to check out another shop to see what else I could get. I didn’t really expect to buy more weed, but you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

Stop 2: Ganja Goddess

So I wandered to another shop called Ganja Goddess, another recreational marijuana store. This store was really cool because it had a preorder option that would prepare your order before you even stepped foot in the store. Of course, I wanted to see everything that the place had to offer, so I just went straight there.


Since I already had a good amount of just weed, I wanted to see about getting some stuff I could use real quick. So I got some prerolled joints and edibles from their big selection. I was very interested in the edibles because they had a ton of different chocolates to choose from, and I am a huge fan of chocolate. I got some dark chocolate and hazelnut edibles, a few joints, and a couple bottles of pink lemonade with some of the good stuff brewed right in.

Needless to say, I was thrilled with some of the stuff I was able to buy in those two shops and I was ready to get my vacation underway. I can definitely see why marijuana tourism in Seattle is such a popular attraction. There are so many shops like the two I went to and they want to give you access to the latest and greatest weed and concoctions out there.

Taking in the Sights

I am a big music fan and a little bit of an old soul. The music scene from Seattle inspired me and many others when I was a kid, and nobody embodies that spirit more than Kurt Cobain. Naturally, I decided to take a trip out to his old house and the bench that has become a landmark for Nirvana fans all around the states.


I put my spiked lemonade in a cup of ice and sipped it as I walked from place where the bus dropped me off. It was kind of somber, but the drink definitely improved my mood. I walked over to the bench, left a flower like everyone else and took in the view at the little park. I didn’t stay as long as I wanted to, but it was still cool to see where Kurt would sit and think or probably get high.

I have to admit, I left feeling a little depressed despite the drink, so I decided to take a bite of the dark chocolate edible to cheer me up. It definitely did its job and it was a little stronger than I anticipated.


There are not too many sports that I enjoy watching, but soccer is definitely one of my favorites. For some reason, Seattle is a city that has a love affair with soccer, and I was lucky enough to go in season to see the Seattle Sounders.

I woke up at my hotel room ready for the game. I went out early to buy some merchandise so I didn’t stand out as an outsider. Before I got to the stadium I ate the other half of my one edible and took a couple quick puffs of that Ewok. Any lingering bad mood I had from the Cobain memorial was gone and I was ready to cheer.

The Centurylink stadium was fantastic. It was huge and we had a pretty big crowd there to cheer for the team. I sat with the home team and cheered for them for the entire game. I even met a pretty cool group of fans there and we all decided to go out and get some drinks at their favorite local place after the game.

seattle sounders soccer game 420

In the meantime, I watched a really good group of soccer players try their hardest to win. Even though they lost, everyone took it in stride.

Getting Some Food And Drinks

I went out with my new friends and we ended up at the Marco Polo Bar and Grill, a straight drive downtown from the stadium. My first impression of the bar was that it was a little rough because of the people hanging out there, but that turned into a funny story.

We went in and ordered some drinks and talked about our mutual interests like soccer and good food.  The décor in the bar was pretty neat and you could tell that this place had been around for a long time. It was founded in 1950, I found out, and it definitely has a unique feel to it. I just had a few drinks and traded numbers with the people in my group before I went back outside.

seattle 420 marco polo bar and grill

Funny enough, the group of tough looking people out there were standing in a cloud of some very fine-smelling THC vape, so I went over and stood near them while I smoked a bit of my Candyland. It was a weird bonding moment because we obviously had practically nothing else in common aside from our fondness of weed.  We traded hits on our different products, talked a little, and we definitely had a good time. I had a good buzz going by the time I left.

I took an Uber back to my hotel room, and my driver definitely knew what was up. I was tempted to tip him with some Ewok, but I decided not to because he looked young.

The next day I woke up and I was starving so I asked the concierge where his favorite place to eat was and he told me Katsu Burger. Another Uber drive and I was there, eating deep fried Japanese burgers that I never knew existed until then. They have all kinds of tasty sauces and cheeses that made my mouth water. It was pricier than the food I am used to, but when I say it is in my top three burger places, you can believe it.

katsu burger seattle 420

Final Thoughts

Overall, my trip to Seattle was awesome. I got to go to the famous Cobain house, eat some great food, and go to a soccer game at one of the best stadiums on the pacific coast. The trip was fun, and I even managed to experience some new stuff in the fun world of weed. I did not take anything home with me when I left, so the last night that I spent in my hotel was very eventful and generous to random people. Still, I had a great time and I think that any person who enjoys food, sports, music, or even weed would have a fantastic trip to Seattle.

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