Massachusetts’ Laws And Regulations For Marijuana: A Tourist’s Guide

One of the northern-most states, Massachusetts, has developed laws and regulations that allow recreational marijuana use under certain conditions. Before you check out the foliage of the north-east, it is important to understand the laws that surround the state’s use of recreational marijuana.

What Is The Legal Status Of Weed In Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, marijuana is legal for recreational as well as medical use. The latest iteration of the laws went into effect on July 1, 2018, and has set limits on purchases for marijuana. However, there are still a few important rules to consider.

Where Can I Buy Weed Legally In The State?

Presently, there are no recreational dispensaries that are open in the state. For people with medical licenses, there is weed available in state-owned dispensaries. Although there is no retail stores open right now, there are several licenses that are pending for opening stores in the very near future.

Is There A Legal Age For Buying Marijuana?

Like most states, Massachusetts has erred on the side of caution regarding age, allowing people over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana. This falls in line with the same age that a person can legally consume alcohol.

How Much Can I Buy At A Time?

You are not allowed to buy any right now unless you have a medical marijuana card. However, the legal precedent that has been just about confirmed from other states holds that a person will be able to buy up to an ounce of marijuana from a store.

Can I Grow Marijuana At Home?

Presently, you are allowed to grow up to 12 plants at a time. Of these plants, only 6 of them can be flowering and producing the actual part of the marijuana plant that is typically harvested. You have to grow marijuana at your own private residence, and you are allowed to give away up to an ounce of your harvest to legal adults.

How Much Marijuana Is A Person Allowed To Possess?

The law allows a person to possess one ounce of marijuana on them and five grams of concentrates at a time. However, you are allowed to have up to 10 ounces inside of your home and still be within the boundaries of the law.

Where Am I Allowed To Consume Marijuana?

Like most other states, it is completely forbidden to consume or smoke marijuana in public in this state. Moreover, you cannot use marijuana on federal grounds or you face still penalties. Essentially, you can smoke weed in your own home, but you can still be told not to smoke it if you are renting the place or if you have roommates who do not approve.

The laws are not very stringent in Massachusetts for marijuana. Travellers will soon be able to visit the state and purchase marijuana as long as they can prove that they are over 21. Like many other states, the recent development of legal marijuana has left lawmakers scrambling to close as many potential loopholes while optimizing profits. However, given the taxes attached to weed, you can be sure that the stores will be opened as soon as possible.

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