Planning My Trip To Canada: A 420 Vacation In The Making

I am feeling quite excited here, and you should too. We are three months away from Canada completely legalizing the recreational use of weed. As someone who is not a native of the “Great White North”, I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

Not only am I planning to visit my northern neighbor and learn about the country, but I am planning a trip for marijuana tourism in Canada the moment it’s legal, and you should consider it, too. While I realize that I could probably get away with most of the stuff that I am planning to do right now, there is something special about being able to do it all legally. So, here is a rundown of some of the ways that my marijuana travel in Canada is going to be exciting.

Smoke-Friendly Airbnb

While it may not seem like a big deal, I know the laws in Canada are going to be a little bit different than what I am used to with regards to where I can and can’t smoke. Just from my group of friends who have gone to parts of Vancouver, I know that there are places where it is accepted but not legal to smoke. That is why the first thing I am going to do is get a list of some 420 friendly Airbnbs that I can stay at.

After all, smoking in public is still going to be illegal with the caveat that there are already bud bars throughout the area. So, I am going to make sure that I get a room that I can bring the results of my shopping to and enjoy with whomever I bring along for the journey. If you are planning a trip, make sure to check with your accommodations to make sure you can burn a few in there without them caring.

Spa Day

This trip is all about new things, and I definitely did not think to do this on my last trip. There are spas that are already open in Toronto that accept customers who have gotten high right before the experience. I can’t think of anything more relaxing that finding a good dispensary or lounge, and then going to a spa to get a relaxing massage.

There are some companies that are already developing their services to combine the spa day and a tour of a dispensary beforehand or afterward. While I am sure that you can’t go into a dispensary to buy and smoke right now, as soon as it is legal you can bet I will be giving this a chance. My plan is to find one of the dispensaries with a bud tender to find something that is very relaxing, a nice indica for example, and then go to the spa.

I am sure that there is nothing better than getting a relaxing back rub after smoking. My only worry is that I am going to fall asleep, but that’s barely even a problem.

Dispensary Tours

Speaking of going to the dispensaries, I did say that I am here to learn a little bit about the history of weed production and legalization in Canada. I plan on spending some time in Vancouver and Toronto, but probably at two different times. Still, there are some interesting dispensaries that I want to go to in both.

One of the dispensary tours that I am most interested in going on involves a three hour hummer rental that picks you up from the airport. That’s right; this tour provided through Canadian Kush Tours will have a stretch hummer pick you and your friends up at the airport. You can get a tour guide to help your journey through Toronto, showing you the most famous dispensaries or the ones that have the greatest variety within the building.

Realistically, you can plan an entire three-hour tour while in the back of a hummer, visiting places, smoking some bud, and seeing the sites. For me, this is the perfect way to spend the first day of a vacation to a new city. I want to know where I should go for the best weed in the city while being regaled with cool stories.

Into The Dispensaries

Once I have found the different dispensaries that are most famous in Toronto or Vancouver (probably both) I am definitely going to see which ones offer tours of their facilities. While not every dispensary is going to throw open its doors and let us see their operations, some already offer tours and more will be willing once weed is completely legalized.

The same company that offers the dispensary tours via stretch hummer also has partnered with local Toronto dispensaries to show visitors how their operation runs. Typically, you are able to see the back-of-house operations such as packaging and the receiving operations. The dispensaries that have their in-house bud tenders will be able to educate you on the varieties of weed. By the time I visit, I plan to be able to walk in and buy some weed from the same shop.

Extract Classes

Another reason that I am excited for marijuana tourism in Canada is that you will be able to learn different skills while you tour. One of the things that I am most looking forward to is the extraction classes in Canada. I typically do not do much besides buy and blaze, so learning how the end product is made has always been appealing to me.

The extraction of oil is one area of weed production and consumption that honestly excites me because there is a whole world emerging around vaping and dabbing that is based in cannabis oil. The extract classes that I see offered right now will show you the process of extraction and how to use as much of the weed as possible, so I can only imagine what I am going to see when legalization hits entirely.

Weed extraction is a skill, so it’s something I can take home with me and show off to friends. More importantly, I can improve my own experiences with weed by learning how to make the different kinds of dabs, which is something that is best learned from professionals, I think.

World Famous Bud Bars

The final leg of my trip will be visiting the best bud bars throughout Canada. The thing about Canada, as I am sure many of my friends up north already know, is that weed is already mostly tolerated. There are already some bud bars out there that will allow you to use, but cannot sell you the product directly because that would violate the law.

The result of the ingenuity of the people in great cities like Vancouver has allowed for the creation of world famous bud bars like the New Amsterdam Café. I doubt that I will be able to buy any weed from this place due to the government owning the retail rights for marijuana, but I can certainly bring it through their doors with a wide welcome. They have a smoking room and a vaporizer in the volcano style- a pretty big vaporizer for those who don’t know.

The New Amsterdam Café is more than a cool place for good food; it is representative of something great about the enduring culture surrounding weed aficionados. For me, this café is a must- see destination because it represents a bit of defiance on behalf of smokers everywhere. Also, it was one of the first places I ever remember hearing about as an establishment that was relaxed about bringing in your own stash for their smoke rooms. I will see this café if it’s the only thing I get to do in Vancouver, but I hope it won’t be.

There are many other famous bud bars in Canada along with a variety of offerings like jazz performances and themed nights. These definitely interest me because there is nothing better than listening to some smooth jazz while toking. I will have to make an updated list closer to October so I know where else to go if I get the chance.

Reasons To Return

All in all, my marijuana tourism in Canada will be a wonderful experience and I really am counting down the days until legalization hits. I have a pretty long list of things that I want to do while I am there because Canada is shaping up to be one of the best scenes for marijuana.

Canada is continuing to develop the attractions that it offers for people who visit for purposes related to weed. Their guided tours, great weed-related products, food, spas, and other attractions will definitely be a reason to come and visit the cities in Canada again. Whether you are someone who is living in Canada and curious, or across the border and counting down the days, there is definitely something for everyone to be had. Let me give you some parting advice: get your passport, plan out some places you want to see, and get ready to have an amazing time.



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