Regulations And Laws For Marijuana in Alberta

The time is nearly upon us, when the legalization of marijuana is going to occur throughout Canada. Yet, each province has been allowed a lot of leeway in developing its own take on the laws. That is why we have gathered the information about Alberta’s legalization laws so you can have a pretty good understanding of fine print before October 17, 2018.

What Is The Legal Status Of Marijuana In Alberta?

The legal status of marijuana in Alberta is that it is presently allowed for medical use. However, in October it will become legal for recreational use throughout the province. There will certainly be several caveats to the law that you need to know before sparking up in public.

Where Will Marijuana Be Sold?

The marijuana will be sold in two fashions. The first will be private retail stores that will be found throughout the various cities. The government will control all of the online sales of marijuana. Together, you will have two great means of purchasing legal marijuana.

What Is The Age That You Have To Be To Buy Marijuana?

The legal age for the purchase of marijuana is 18 years of age. This is lower than the age of 19 that most other provinces have established, and it falls in line with the alcohol legal age.

Are You Allowed To Grow Marijuana At Your Own Home?

You will be allowed to grow four plants in your household. However, they have to be kept out of the reach of minors. Also, you are not allowed to grow marijuana if your landlord prohibits it.

How Much Marijuana Are You Allowed To Buy At One Time?

You are presently allowed to have 30 grams on your person at any time, and that is also the purchasing limit on marijuana.

What Is The Possession Limit On Marijuana?

You are allowed to have up to 30 grams of marijuana on you at any time that you are in public. However, there is no present limit on the amount of marijuana that you can have in your own home.

Where Can I Use Marijuana Legally?

You can generally smoke anywhere that you can use tobacco. However, this is limited in areas of all schools or places where minors frequent. Moreover, you are allowed to smoke on private property at your own residence or others that have consented. However, it is not to be used in the presence of minors.


Along with the aforementioned rules, you have to keep in mind that minors are not allowed to be in the shops where marijuana is sold, even with an adult. Overall, the laws are relaxed in Alberta for the most part with regards to recreational marijuana. The laws are going to be put into place on October 17, 2018, and you should keep a close eye on the laws if they change beforehand. Overall, marijuana is going to be available legally soon, and people will be lining up to make a purchase.

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