Smoked Up In Vegas: A Bachelors’ Party Done Right

I’ve been on more than a few bachelors’ parties in my time, but I never did one right until I went to Las Vegas. You’ve probably heard the adage about “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but the truth is even better.

las vegas strip 420

I travelled with a group of friends, including the groom, and we were thrilled to learn that Las Vegas is a lot more weed friendly than it was the last time I visited. They even have a full-on marijuana tourism industry growing out there.

Still, we were there for the business of fun, and we sought it out every place that we could. We landed at the airport, which is just a short drive from the famous Vegas Strip, but we decided to make a few quick stops before kicking off the week.


Most people think pre-gaming is only related to booze, and while we did have some of that when the limo picked us up, we all agreed that we had to at least try out some of the dispensaries that were around the city.

Our pre-gaming was for the fun we were going to have the first night, so we asked our driver where a good dispensary was located. Before we knew it, we pulled up to Reef, a modern-looking dispensary that was really close to the strip. We went into the shop and I remember feeling a little overwhelmed because it was big and really had a professional look to it.

reef dispensary las vegas 420

We got lucky because there was a concierge on staff who was available to answer our questions and help us land some good stuff. You can only buy an ounce at a time, but between the members of our group, we walked out with more than enough to get our party started. Now, we know that smoking in many areas of Las Vegas is illegal, but long story short we found a way to smoke.

Trying Out Some New Stuff

I was good to go after I got my hands on a strain called Elmer’s Glue, but the groom gets what he wants, so we went to find another dispensary that could give us some vapes to have us set for the rest of the day.

This time, we all searched for dispensaries that specialized in vapes and had good reviews. We found our way to a nice place called Essence. It has a very modern look and feel about it, as you can see from the picture.

essence dispensary las vegas 420

Much like Reef, we were able to find a great variety of different types of weed. Most importantly, we found all kinds of vape pens and information on oils that made everyone excited, especially the groom.

Personally, I bought an edible and consumed it on the way out the door, which might have been against the rules, but it made my day. The pre-gaming was done and we were all pretty stoned. From there, the first day really took off.

First Stop: The Hotel

We had to stop and check in at the hotel and casino spa- The Venetian. The first thing we did after tossing the bags on the beds was go downstairs and start getting some work at the spa. We didn’t do anything fancy, just had some massages that helped with the ache from sitting in a plane seat for hours.


So, completely refreshed and with a whole afternoon to kill, what else could we do? We went gambling and let me tell you: we had a blast.

Do you know how badly it feels to lose at the penny slots while stoned? That was a trick question: it doesn’t. I had some good stuff coursing through my body and I pulled the reels again and again, winning, losing, and talking to my friends nearby. I felt like I was winning no matter what was actually happening on the screen.

Next, we went to the blackjack table where I watched my one friend take ten seconds to answer on every hit or stand, and eventually the dealer got exasperated so we left. Overall, we broke about even and decided to leave because we needed some food.

Buffets For Days

Despite the fact that we had a perfectly good buffet about thirty feet from the main gambling floor, we decided to walk the strip and find some food. While the inner stoner in me wanted to find the nearest fast food joint, we decided that it would be best to eat somewhere with a little class.

Naturally, we ended up in a place called “Le Village Buffet”, mostly because our groom friend thought it was a silly name. In reality, “Le Village Buffet” is incredible because it features French cuisine with different stations cooking different foods the entire time you are there. The dining area is based on the different provinces of France and you can find a pretty good variety in there. I mostly focused on the prime rib that they served, and then I went straight for the crepes.

marijuana travel le village buffet las vegas

The desserts in the buffet were to die for- I don’t know how much of a part my buzz played in my taste, but I had a strawberry moose crepe that may have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I lost count after eating four of them, and I would have gladly taken some home with me but we had more walking to do.

A Dip And A Dab

We still had time to kill before our show on the first night we were in Vegas, so we went back to our hotel rooms, changed, and headed for the pools. After walking in the scorching heat, we needed something to cool us off. By then I was starting to feel my buzz wear off a little, but I was still riding high and having fun.

The pool was a great time because the pool deck is a pretty small and intimate place for the most part. There was not a lot of splashing and the sun isn’t shining down on you the whole time you’re swimming. Our group took a nice dip in the pool and we were refreshed by the nice water. After eating such big meals and giving the casino some money through gambling, we needed the rest.

We got out of the pool and by the time we were all changed into decent clothes, I wanted a little more pot to get me through the night. So we found another area that was of dubious legality and took a couple pulls on the vape pen that was filled with some kind of oil I never had before. It was more than enough to make me feel ready to go and watch a musical.

The Musical That is Better Than I Planned

I’ll be very straightforward here. I do not like musicals and I only went along because this trip was about pleasing my bachelor friend and not me. So I may have taken an extra long hit on the vape pen before we went downstairs.

Unlike the food, I can definitely attribute my enjoyment of the musical show to the high I got beforehand. Everyone has listened to their favorite music while high, but I was listening to show tunes. I managed to pick up on little pieces of the music that sounded great while I sat back in my chair, eyes closed.

The music and singing were live which helped me because of the little bits of improvisation were interesting. The show was bright and flashy, a pretty good spectacle. Overall, for someone who is not a fan of that brand of music I still believe that they put on a great show.

And The Rest Is History

The trip that we took to Las Vegas was absolutely great. There was so much to do in the city and a lot of great people to meet. We went and saw local sports teams play one day and on another night we went to more wild nightclubs than I have ever been to in my entire life beforehand.

It was pretty cool to see that Sin City lived up to its reputation and that there are shops all over to help in that regard. Just walking around I got to see a bunch of different dispensaries and specialty shops. I was able to acquire some pretty cool pieces of glassware to take home, but I was also able to keep the good times rolling throughout the week.

I tried new things with regards to weed like candies and new waxes, but that was only there to accentuate the fun that we had in Las Vegas. The rest of the week seemed to fly by as we had all kinds of fun and prepared for the wedding at the end of the week. All in all, the entire trip to Las Vegas went better than I could have ever expected, and I would not trade the experience for anything in the world. Bottom line: if you want a fun trip that offers you the chance to explore a legalized city, then Las Vegas could be your personal playground.

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