States Where Recreational Weed is Legal in 2018

The Green Rush is in full swing, and more than half the country has officially agreed Marijuana has benefit, and they’ve at least decriminalized weed or legalized medical marijuana. Nine states and Washington DC—which we’ll call The District to cover its conflicted feelings with a hipper name—have decided that laughter is the best medicine, and they’ve legalized.

Now, legalization doesn’t mean you can line your property in Purple Haze and light a spliff in front of the cops. In these places, it does mean you can be holding some amount of weed, maybe grow a few plants, and still be a legal eagle.  

Alaska (2014) – The fiercely independent people of The Last Frontier enjoyed legal weed from 1975-1990 until it was recriminalized. Luckily, a ballot measure four years ago brought Alaska back into the green.

marijuana is legal in alaska

California (2016) – The Golden State has been a leader in weed policy since passing lax medical marijuana laws in the 1990s. Weed was actually so established that disruption of a smoothly running system (read: crazy profits) influenced California not passing legalization until two years ago.

marijuana is legal in california


Colorado  (2012) – The Centennial State was the second state to legalize and in many ways it was making official a longstanding positive attitude towards Sweet Mary Jane. It’s been six years since a constitutional amendment gave new meaning to the song “Rocky Mountain High”.

marijuana is legal in colorado

Maine (2016) – Two years ago The Pine Tree State squeaked by a ‘yes’ vote on legal weed with less than a percentage point margin of victory.

marijuana is legal in maine

Massachusetts (2016) – Despite being the first state to criminalize weed in 1911, The Bay State came to its senses two years ago. It’s been materializing in stages, but as of July 1, 2018, you can get weed from licensed distributors.

marijuana is legal in massachusetts

Nevada (2016) – Two years ago, The Silver State decided not to exclude marijuana from the vice party any longer.

marijuana is legal in nevada

Oregon (2014) – Like to toke in tents? The Beaver State is an outdoorsman’s paradise, and they jumped in on the second big wave of legalization four years ago.

marijuana is legal in oregon

Vermont (2018)– This year, The Green Mountain State’s legislature was the first in the nation to put on their big kid pants and legalize weed without relying on citizen uproar to take care of it for them. Well done, Vermont.

marijuana is legal in vermont

Washington (2012) – Maybe it’s the nickname that set the stage, but The Evergreen State was the first to vote in legal weed. Though their legalization has been on the more conservative side—you still can’t grow plants for recreational use—they’ve been going strong for six years.

marijuana is legal in washington state

Washington DC (2014) – The District legalized weed four years ago, though a lot of its land is overseen by the federal government, which still holds weed to be illegal.

marijuana is legal in washington dc

Some States were more hesitant than others to go legal, but over the last six years these ten places have wised up and decided to roll in the piles of tax dollars instead of arrest grannies with glaucoma. Every state has its own rules, so be sure to study up before getting your travel toke on.

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