The Laws And Regulations For Marijuana In Ontario

The Marijuana Laws And Regulations For Marijuana In Ontario

You are probably well aware of the changes to the laws governing the use and cultivation of marijuana happening throughout Canada. Essentially, on October 17, 2018, marijuana is becoming legal for recreational use throughout the country. Take a quick read of this rundown of the most important laws so you are prepared for the legalization to go through.

What Is The Status Of Marijuana Legalization In Ontario?

The current legal status notwithstanding, marijuana is going to be legalized for recreational use and obviously medical use in Ontario starting October 17, 2018. However, this area is allowing municipalities within the region to opt out of marijuana sales if the idea gets enough support. If you want to see legal weed, then you need to be aware of these measures.

What Places Are Going To Sell Marijuana?

To start off with, the sales are going to be generated online only. However, after April 2019 when all the municipalities are locked into their individual decisions, retail store fronts are going to be opened.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy Marijuana In Ontario?

To start buying marijuana in Ontario, you need to be at least 19 years of age. You will be able to buy all forms of marijuana and have it delivered via the online service.

Are We Allowed To Cultivate Our Own Marijuana?

In keeping with similar decisions across other provinces, you will be allowed to cultivate your own marijuana. However, there are going to be limits on the number of plants you can have. Right now, there is firm limit of 4 plants per household, not per individual.

What Is The Legal Limit On Marijuana Purchases?

The legal limit on marijuana purchases is 30 grams per purchase. This means that you can order this amount per transaction on the website. The reasoning is that 30 grams reflects the total amount that a person can have on them legally at a time without repercussions.

What Are The Possession Limits On Marijuana?

There are strict possession limits on marijuana in public. If you carry more than 30 grams you will be subject to a penalty. The amount that a person can have in their home at any given time has not been strictly outlined.

Where Can I Use The Marijuana That I Purchase?

You are allowed to use marijuana on private property only, meaning that you can smoke it at your residence or the residence of another person that gives their consent. Much like other provinces, landlords can ban the substance from being used.


Overall, Ontario is rather similar to other provinces in the measures that they have put forth for legalized marijuana. The only major difference is that they are allowing the people in the municipalities to determine whether or not the cities should ban their use. Until those issues have been completely resolved, the sales will be online only.


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