itravel420's Top 10 Cannabis Strains of 2018

Now that it’s 2019, we here at itravel420 thought it would be nice to compile a list of the best strains that we found in 2018 as a way of reflecting on some of the best weed out there. 

We tried to include some of the well-known ones that continue to be chart toppers along with some new up-and-comers that you might not have tried yet. After all, what’s a new year without trying some new things?

We weren’t able to get our hands on all the super-secret connoisseur stuff that is still in development, but we managed to include a fair variety nonetheless.

Alright, that’s enough with the anticipation; we now present to you itravel420's most popular cannabis strains of 2018!  

Coming in at number 10 is a lovely strain called Sour Girl

Number 10 - Sour Girl

Sour Girl is a hybrid strain (Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel) that was created by CRAFT out of San Francisco.  

The odor is strong, and not like anything you have ever smelled before with typical weed; it is more distinct.  But don't just take our word for it; this strain was awarded 3rd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

The effects of this strain are more related to the sativa variety so you can count on spending a while enjoying a head-high.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy it because the effects can last an hour or more depending on the frequency with which you use this variety.  Basically, if you are new to weed, you might want to steer clear of this until you get to know some milder varieties.

With a 27.4% THC content, you can count on this packing a punch that could floor even some of the veterans out there. 

  OG Kush makes number 9 and is an old time favorite among almost all 420 connoisseurs

Number 9 - OG Kush

OG Kush is pretty much a household name among pot smoking connoisseurs and amateurs alike, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of our favorites. 

It smells mainly like pine trees mixed with lemon pledge and is very strong (and noticeable) to everyone in the room unless tightly concealed. In other words, if you have roommates, you are going to want to be careful with this one. 

While definitely not a new strain, its' popularity remains undisputed. In fact, OG Kush is one of the most frequently used strains to breed with other strains, so we all owe it some respect just for that. 

In terms of the effects of this strain, it is widely known for helping to calm the nerves and to induce feelings of pleasantry. This is always a great strain to use if you are introducing someone into the wonderful world of weed because of the milder effects.   

Girl Guide Cookies gets awarded eight place

Number 8 - Girl Guide Cookies

Popular with everyone from college students to Grandma, Girl Scout Cookies (no, not the type you eat) has a wood-like scent mixed blended with citrus. 

What is really unique about this strain however is the minty aftertaste it leaves in your mouth (think spearmint gum). Due to this awesome taste, this stain has become a go-to just like the cookies responsible for its name.

Like OG Kush, it has been used to breed with other strains to create new ones like Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint. The ease with which it can be combined for effects and taste with other strains has increased its popularity a great deal.

People primarily use this as a way to relieve pain and relax without getting absolutely glued to the couch. It’s a good weed to use if you are trying to unwind after a long day at work.

We highly recommend this one to new users and experienced people alike. If you haven't had a chance to smoke this strain yet, we definitely recommend you give it a go before the year is over!  

Gorilla Gliue #4 takes its' place at number 7.

Number 7 - Gorilla Glue #4

We’re not talking about what you might use to hold together a crappy IKEA nightstand. Gorilla Glue #4 is also a cannabis strain with one of the highest THC percentages you can find (30%+).  It is an incredibly potent strain of marijuana that is gaining a lot of ground in terms of popularity.

Unlike other forms of weed, this one has gotten noticed because it is an activity inducer rather than an inhibitor. Users have reported that it really helps them focus, which is partly how it got the name (glued to your seat, to the TV, etc). 

If you have a big project that you have been meaning to complete but you keep getting side-tracked, give this strain a go! Not only will it give you the focus you need to get some work done, but it will give you a clearer mind as well.

We aren’t the only people out there that appreciate this strain, either. The Gorilla Glue #4 has won multiple awards throughout the United States and in Jamaica and shows no signs of becoming less popular any time soon.

Skywalker OG gets a rightful place in the top 10 this year, coming in at number 6.

Number 6 - Skywalker OG

Like the name suggests, this is an Indica strain that will send your mind into the clouds. Seriously, though, this is a pretty potent variety of weed that is perfect for nighttime use. If you have trouble getting to sleep, try Skywalker OG.

The smell is a sweet earthy pine, and it promotes feelings of intense relaxation. A lot of people report using this one for some mild pain relief or just to chill out on the couch and watch some good shows. 

It is also known for being a strain which boosts creativity, so it’s perfect if you just need some time to think out some problems or if you have writer’s block. One thing is for sure: you will enjoy the soundest sleep of your life after hitting a bowl or two filled with this stuff; that's a promise!  

Green Crack takes number 5.  You definitely need to try this strain if you haven't already. 

Number 5 - Green Crack

The Green Crack strain is both useful and has a cool appearance that features predominantly green colors and some brown notes. It has a mild fruity flavor and leaves a hint of mango or pineapple in your mouth after each toke.

You’re probably wondering what the deal is with the name since it is somewhat unorthodox. The moniker comes from the overall potency of the strain along with the effects that it can have on people. 

Users have reported that Green Crack makes them feel mentally creative and less anxious. Moreover, is gives the user a burst of energy that can help them harness their creative side and home in on the projects that they want to complete.

Again, this is a great strain for the artists out there, so it’s definitely one to try if you need to write a new riff or reimagine a piece of art. You should make sure that you ease into this one because of the deep and cerebral thinking that it can provoke in users even though it is not always a bad thing.

Jack Herer takes number 4

Number 4 - Jack Herer

Jack Herer is another citrus-earth blend that is perfect if you still need to function during the day. It won't get you super messed up mentally, but it will calm you down and improve your overall mood. 

You’ll primarily feel the sativa when using this weed, and that means it is a great way for you to enjoy the high without feeling too lethargic. This is the perfect strain for inexperienced users to try because it doesn't seem to bring on the anxiety or panic attacks that many first time users report.

In other words, it won’t glue you to the couch and leave you wondering why you can’t seem to stop staring off into space. If you’ve taken a break from weed for a while and are looking for something that is kind of mild, this could be a good place for you to start again.

Blue Dream makes the top 3 for 2018

Number 3 - Blue Dream

As we said before, some strains of weed are so good that they have to be included on this list of the best even if they are incredibly well-known. Another hybrid, Blue Dream is a mix of Blueberry and Purple Haze.  

As of today, it is one of the highest revenue making strains among all recreational dispensaries in the US and Canada. Basically, everyone has probably smoked this even if they don’t know the actual name. You can really taste the blueberry after you smoke it, which is a huge part of the appeal. 

Many people think of this strain as having a candy like quality that will keep you coming back for more. It contains 50% indica and 50% sativa which is why it is great to smoke any time of the day.  You can expect it to put you in a care-free state of relaxation so that you can have bowl after bowl while not getting too high to function. It’s a good weed to use if you are entertaining some weed aficionado friends.

Do Si Dos is runner up for 2018 itravel420 cannabis cup

Runner Up - Do Si Dos

Do Si Dos is another hybrid made from crossing the Girl Scout Cookie strain with Faceoff OGA. As such, it has some of the great smells and tastes of its parents along with some unique effects on the users.  

Not only does Do Si Dos look amazing, it gives you a fantastic high as well. Usually, you’ll see a mix of deep green and amber colors.  The dual threat of looks and use make this a fairly popular strain that is gaining some ground in terms of popularity. The average expected THC content of this one is around 30% so make sure you keep an eye on your inexperienced friends when they are sparking up with Do Si Dos

You can expect a relaxing experience, and it might even spark some creativity if you are feeling motivated enough after you use it.  The chances are that you might experience something that is lovingly called couch lock, where you don’t feel like doing a single thing except enjoying the high. Even if that is the case, this is still a very respectable strain that we feel everyone should try at some point.

Key Lime Pie is the winner of itravel420 Cannabis Cup of 2018

itravel420 Cannabis Cup Winner - Key Lime Pie

Yet another hybrid made with the Girl Guide Cookie strain, Key Lime Pie has been one of the most popular selling marijuana strains of 2018.  

It tastes sweet like candy, with a subtle hint of mint and lime that you will detect after your first hit. You’ll often know it for its look that is often characterized by purple mixed into the buds’ green. This is widely known as a difficult strain to get your hands on because there is just a shortage of growers. 

Key Lime Pie is notoriously difficult to cultivate and manage while growing since it is most often grown in colder temperatures and climates. Amateur growers for this don’t tend to do very well, unfortunately.

Medical users will find that it eases chronic pain and assists with getting to sleep, while recreational users will find that it gets them feeling really good. A lot of the people that use this strain note that it makes them feel really happy after they use it, so if you’re looking for a mood booster, then this is a great strain for you to check out.

As you can see, there are a lot of different strains that had a big year in 2018.

One of the growing trends that we have seen is an increase in the number of hybrids that are taking the market by storm. Some of the hybrids are becoming more popular and with an increasing amount of growers experimenting, we are truly living in a modern golden age of strains.

If you missed out on any of them, you really should give them a shot because of the new effects that they provide for the users. Although we ranked all ten according to our own criteria, there are many different strains that just missed the cut and could appear on next year’s list. Make sure you keep an eye out for our coming picks and drop us a line to let us know what you think of the choices that we have made here!



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