Your 420 Guide To Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip Dispensaries

Recreational marijuana is legal in Sin City, even though it took a little longer than anticipated to come to pass. Still, the city has had legal marijuana for a full year now, so it’s time to take stock and see what is going on in Las Vegas. We’re going to take a look at where you can buy marijuana, where it’s okay to smoke it, and some of the other legal aspects. Then, we are going to tell you some of the best ways for you to enjoy the city’s cannabis culture to its fullest. Let’s get started!

What Are The Laws Surrounding Recreational Marijuana In Las Vegas?

Alright, it’s not that serious, but you should be aware of some of the fine print surrounding recreational marijuana legalization. First and foremost, the thing you need to be concerned with right now is understanding that recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are legal, but controlled.  

You have to be 21 years old or have a medical card. You are allowed to purchase marijuana products and paraphernalia like bongs, but you are not allowed to use them in public places. In fact, there are a lot of places that you are not able to use your marijuana.

For example, the law states that you’re not allowed to spark up a joint in public, in bars, at airports, or at casinos. The last one there is especially important because casinos fall under a federal jurisdiction and marijuana is still illegal to even possess. However, it should be noted that all us tourists out there are relatively safe because cops are not exactly wasting time on writing tickets for weed right now. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught doing something really blatant, you can have hundreds of dollars of fines raised against. That will definitely put a damper on your available funds to have fun, so make sure you are using your cannabis in the right place.

So, How Am I Allowed To Get High?

Alright, so we started out by telling you what you shouldn’t do, so now you have to be wondering when, where, and how you can use cannabis throughout Las Vegas. First let’s talk location. You are going to wonder where you can smoke marijuana. Legally speaking, the best place for you to smoke marijuana legally is in the privacy of your own home and away from a window. This hearkens back to the inability to smoke “in public view” so as not to taint the minds of other people or children.

Are you seeing the problem that Las Vegas has created by making one of the only places you can smoke marijuana your private residence? It puts an incredible strain on the people who are engaged in marijuana tourism. After all, you are not going to be able to take any of the weed with you when you go and you certainly are not going to risk smoking it in a casino hotel, right? So, what are the options?

Where You Can Find 420 Friendly Hotels In Las Vegas?

Well, you should be thankful for entrepreneurs because there are not exactly 420 friendly hotels in Las Vegas. Yet, the advent of companies like Airbnb has changed the game. People are renting out their private homes to you, and you can technically toke up in them with permission.  Here is the bnb I stayed at during my last visit.

This is the Las Vegas bnb I stayed at during my last visit.  It was 420 friendly (meaning I asked the owner and he said it would be fine).

These are as close to a 420 friendly place that you are going to get. Some local residents are keen on starting their own cannabis clubs to extend use to outsiders, but the legal implications there are murky at best for tourists. Otherwise, you can always go with the old standby strategy of trying not to get caught by using vapes or edibles. No matter what, though, do not use cannabis in a vehicle or you face some pretty harsh consequences.

How Much Cannabis Can I Buy At A Single Time?

Now that you know the laws and are searching for an Airbnb near the strip, you are probably wondering how much marijuana you can buy during a transaction. Presently, you can possess up to an ounce of flower or 1/8 ounce of concentrates for your private use. You will not want to stockpile the stuff if you are a tourist since you won’t be leaving without it unless you are driving and feeling bold. Airports will most likely find it and you can face legal issues.

Aside from that, you can really use your time in Las Vegas to try out different kinds of marijuana and see what sort of products are out there. With such a huge industry appearing over the last year, you can find some really nice dispensaries with some very respectable products.

Which Dispensaries Should I Check Out?

It is too difficult to pick a single best dispensary in this great city since so many wonderful ones have appeared throughout Las Vegas. Yet, we are going to make a few recommendations based on their products, availability, and services. Bottom line, go to these places if you are in Las Vegas and want a sure thing in terms of a marijuana experience.

First off, there is a place called Reef Dispensaries, which makes it to the list just for being a 24-hour dispensary. If you run out of bud in the middle of the night, the fine people at this establishment are there to curate some good marijuana for you. They are known for both their variety and friendly workers, so you’ll love it there.

Reef Dispensary - Las Vegas Strip, Nevada


The second recommendation is for a little place called The Apothecarium which has an awesome name and the product to back it up. This is a very modern-looking place that is different from the smoke shops in smaller towns. There are some very high class budtenders on staff here, and they can sell you marijuana that is normal stuff you see on the street to some very high quality flower that you have never seen before.

The Apothecarium Dispensary - Las Vegas, Nevada


Last but not least, there is a cool place called Pisos which is another 24-hour dispensary that is one of the highest rated in the entire state. They not only have a great and diverse menu, but they also allow you to order online which makes buying weed really simple if you know what you want. They carry some really high end hybrid weed and have a cool and stylish shop. You’ll definitely love this place.

Pisos Dispensary - Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

All in all, you will want to visit a lot of the dispensaries in this city just to get a good handle on the plethora of places you can purchase marijuana. Do some exploring and you will find a place that is the best for you. 

What Are Some Products I Can Expect To See?

When marijuana was legalized in Las Vegas, people took the opportunity to flood the market with all kinds of great stuff. You can find some truly amazing local flower like Diplomat Private Reserve- Kosher Triangle that sells for $89 for a 1/8th and you can find stuff that is just a plainer Indica or Sativa.

Concentrates are a huge market right now since people are still trying to figure out where and how to get away with smoking. Expect a lot of variety in that area as well as with the vape setups. People are getting creative with their apparatuses, and we are starting to see more of them in the mainstream stores.

Finally, there is a lot going on in the world of edibles. While it could be that people just want different ways to consume their cannabis, it is also a testament to how far people will go to enjoy themselves without getting caught. There is everything from black teas and candy bars to cookies and cereal bars. Best of all, the flavors are getting a lot better from where they started. Expect to see everything from thin mint cookies to salted caramel. This level of creativity is helping greater numbers of people enjoy getting high with their favorite flavors.

Final Thoughts

The world of marijuana is changing for the better and Las Vegas is definitely leading the charge towards a better tomorrow for cannabis lovers. Overall, the laws in the area are kind of strict for marijuana tourism. Yet, there are more and more ways to at least get around them until the laws can change and provide flexibility like smoking clubs.

For now, the best bet for most people is to come and enjoy Sin City with a marijuana twist while booking a 420 friendly stay with locals. After all, there is an incredible variety in the products that will keep you busy trying new things and coming back for more. Just remember some of the cardinal rules and you will be fine. Don’t smoke in public and definitely not in the vicinity of minors. Other than that, break out the vape pen and edibles and makes friends with people who live nearby. This is an amazing city that has been bolstered even more by the marijuana industry, so come to Las Vegas and live it up!

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