Your 420 Guide To Sacramento

Your 420 Guide To Sacramento, California

Even though it is the capital of California, Sacramento is often not the place that people choose to go and visit in the state. With places like L.A. and San Diego, Sacramento might not seem like the most interesting city. Yet, it is still a city with a great history, lots to do, and most importantly, recreational and medical marijuana. Let’s take a quick look at some of the city’s highlights for the 420 tourists out there.

Hit Up Alpine Alternative

Like many other places, Alpine Alternative started out as a medical-only marijuana storefront. Now, though, you can browse their selection and enjoy some recreational marijuana from this dispensary. The sales floor is tidy, but it is not one of those ultra-modern, pretentious places that you might find in SoCal. Still, you can view the selection on the menus and look at the displays. There are budtenders behind the counter and waiting to take your phone calls. Aside from a respectable selection of weed, vapes, concentrates, and edibles, you get the ability to purchase things online using their website. That means you can order from home and just pick up the order when you’re ready. Good weed and an effective way of getting it- what more could you ask for?

Alpine Alternative Dispensary - Located in Sacramento, California

Catch A Basketball Game At Golden 1 Center

If you come to Sacramento during the basketball season, you should definitely come and see the place where the Sacramento Kings call home. This professional basketball team will leave you in awe of their athletic prowess while demonstrating the cutting edge of athletic stadiums. This arena is only 2 years old, and is host to all manner of other features if you are not in town during the basketball season. You can catch comedy shows and concerts while browsing the stores and food venues that are housed in this massive structure.

Take in a Sacramento Kings game after a good 420 session.

Set Of Your Taste Buds’ Alarm at The Firehouse

The Firehouse is a famous eatery in Sacramento that has been serving the city for 55 years, so you know they are doing something right. The restaurant was once the home of the No.3 Firehouse and now serves as an elegant place to eat. It is a somewhat upscale place to eat that features multiple course meals with everything from a hearty steak to the baked breast of a maple leaf duck. This place is definitely worth stopping into, even if it is just for lunch. Your taste buds will thank you for the effort.

Grab Some Suds At The Shady Lady Saloon

For solid food and drink, check out The Shady Lady Saloon in Sacramento, California

Any person that is a fan of the 1920s era will love this bar. It has the décor and feel of a real speakeasy, complete with the art deco designs and expert mixologists. Aside from great drinks like their Seasonal Highball, you can also count on some pretty good snacks as well. Of course, no saloon like this would be complete without music. You can count on finding live music in varieties like blue and country, both of which mesh well with the surroundings. This bar should be on your must-visit list when you come to the city.

Sacramento is an oft-overlooked gem of a city that is starting to get more recognition now that recreational marijuana is legal in the area. You can find more reasons to come to the city than marijuana tourism, though. Sacramento is packed with a vibrant history, good food, and great people. Even if you’re here just passing through, you can definitely find something to like about this city! 

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